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12 Hour Flight to Cape Town After Tension SP

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2013 2:46 pm    Post subject: 12 Hour Flight to Cape Town After Tension SP
I had my first (and hopefully only) SP 2 months ago, but I'm due to fly to Cape Town next week from London. Only problem is (apart from the SP in general) it was a full-on tension SP and i was in hospital for 8 days and had 3 chest drains with suction, I was scheduled in for VATS but while waiting for a transfer to UCLH my lung fully re-expanded. The doctors officially advise no flying for a year, but speaking to them "off the record" they said i should be ok after 6 weeks. I quit smoking while I was waiting for the ambulance which apparently reduces the chances of it happening significantly, slightly worried about the existing damage to my lungs especially because I didn't have surgery and have no idea what state they are in.
Cancelling isn't really an option because my girlfriend, who's South African, moved back there with the plan for me to join her, so she sorted out a flat, job, car etc all before the SP happened meaning her coming back here is next to impossible (especially when visa requirements are taken into consideration).
I'm not usually a nervous flyer, but this time around I'm pretty anxious about it to say the least. I keep getting pains in my chest since it happened, nothing like the pain of when it actually happened though, but to be honest I think the pains are just because I'm pretty anxious and over sensitive in that area and quite possibly I might just be making them up, also I've seen the doctor a few times for check ups and xrays since each time showing no signs of recurrence.
I talk to my friends and family about it, but i get the impression that they don't really understand how i'm feeling, so reading all the different posts on here is quite relieving in knowing someone has done the same thing! As far as the flight goes, going to the doctor before for a final check up and to get something prescribed for the flight, and hope it all goes well.
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